Thursday, May 23 – RV Pickup Day!!

OMG we are so excited!!!!   Like, so excited!!!! (doing dance.. waving hands in air like we don’t care)

When will then be now?   Soon…..   Soon.

When we arrive at the dealer, greetings and hugs with our salesman, Jonathan, and off for the walk through.  I got out the GoPro and started recording, because, wow…. there is a lot to go through!   In total, it was a 3 hour tour.  (A threeeee  hour tour….).   Between the two of us we hope to remember half of the information.

With keys in hand we head to Trail Head bikes in Chaplin for a tuned up bike, an assembled rack, and of course, bubble tea and cake.  Because…. bubble tea and cake!!!

By this time it’s rush hour, so we found a park and started transferring stuff from the car to the RV, and also just sit and stare at it for a while. 


From there, back home to continue loading the rig.  Then the fun started… Sarah opened one of the cabinet doors and the hinge screw came right out of the wood.  Nothing like opening a door in a brand-new RV and having it come off in your hand.  We noticed that a lot of the other screws were stripped out as well.  Most likely from lots of people in and out of the rig over the past year while it was on the lot.  Tomorrow we will take it back to have repairs done. (add it to the list!!)  Later that night, I was leaning over to pick up some stuff and the lens of my glasses popped out!  A weld on the frame had broken.  It’s kind of hard to drive when you can’t see. (add it to the list!! Are you counting these? Someone should be..)  We took turns calming each other down, Sarah taped my frames back together to get me by, and we went to bed so we could rest up for the next day.

But hey, we have keys and there is an RV illegally parked on our block!

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