Wednesday, May 22 – Prep and procrastination

One of the things we forgot to do last week was to get the GMC into the shop to check out the AC that wasn’t working.  Granted, we won’t be using it for a while, we still wanted to get it fixed.  Luckily it is still under warranty, but we will have to take it back in Thursday or Friday for a new condenser.  Thursday won’t work because it’s RV pickup day, so Friday it will be!   Add it to the list!!

This afternoon we ran to Costco for some last minute supplies and Home Depot for a safe to use for locking up a few special items.  We couldn’t find the safe we wanted, so we ordered one that said it should arrive by Friday.  Perfect!

The rest of the day was spent sorting, putzing, procrastinating and just feeling giddy about the trip in general.  Off to bed.  Tomorrow is RV Pickup Day!!

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