Saturday, May 25 – Departure!!

Today is a good day.  A really good day!

The sun is shining, a cool breeze is blowing, and we are refreshed and ready to get moving! 

There are a lot of little details with an RV to think about, beyond trying to figure out where the hell to put all of your shit!  (Speaking of, we packed a lot of toilet paper.. the kind we found reviewed to be the best for RVs.. because people review this stuff online so us newbs can skip the scratchy stuffs).

We had several people stop by and chat while we were loading in the parking lot.  It was good practice for us to talk with people while on the trip!  I think we talked with more people in our parking lot today than we have in the 4 years we lived here!

The whole time, Iggy just laid on his blanket on the floor and stared out the door.  We are very encouraged that he is going to do well as a road dog!   It seems like a few short trips around in the rig yesterday with us in and out and him in and out and getting to sniff all of it really helped him understand this is a bigger car.   He gets the car.  We go places in the car.

One quirk with the rig is that the pocket door for the bathroom doesn’t always stay open while going over bumpy roads.  We devised a system with an elastic band and some command strip hooks to keep it in place.  After sticking the hooks on and strapping it in, I was at the door chatting with Sarah.  All of a sudden, I heard a “pop” and saw a projectile flying at me from my left.  The hook had come off and whizzed by just inches from my face.  I think it was trying to break my new glasses. After much laughter and swearing, I reattached it with a stronger strip, let the glue set longer, and loosened the elastic.  No injuries so far.

I ventured onto the roof to check out the WiFi booster that wasn’t working (really, I just wanted to get on the roof).  No luck with the WiFi, but I did succeed at not falling off!

6:00pm – After several hours of packing, unpacking, shuffling, repacking, deciding what stays, what goes and telling each other we have no clue what we are doing, we are loaded.  Only 12 hours later than we expected.

What do you do?  It’s 6pm.. a nearly wasted travel day… spend the night and leave early?  After a bit of debate we determined that we should just GO.

(pic of us in rig)

8:00pm – We stop for the night.  Yeah, it has only been two hours, but if we didn’t leave, we would have been even farther behind.  So here we go!   Living the life of luxury in a Walmart parking lot in Saint Cloud, MN! 

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