Sunday, May 26 – Canada, eh!

Well, this morning started out a little rough.  Sarah was awake in bed next to sound asleep Jim when someone decided they wanted to see the inside of our RV without asking.  The door opened and the stairs went out, which must have scared them away.  Either that or Sarah yelling “Excuse you!” in her best midwestern shaming voice.  We quickly packed up and headed out.  We never did see anyone, but decided to not take any chances. 

This was a good lesson learned with no consequences. We can only hope all of our RV lessons happen as painlessly.

With that jolt of adrenaline out of the way, we stopped for coffee and fuel before continuing North.  We are touristing, so we made a few stops, including the world’s largest prairie chicken in Rothsay, MN!   How could you pass up a stop like that!

Another stop in Fargo to make some returns at Duluth Trading Company, and resisting the urge to buy more neat stuff that we don’t need, on to Grand Forks.  Unfortunately, we missed a connection in Park River, but there is always the return trip.  

Pembina Port of Entry to Canada

Note: When going through the border crossing, even though you are in an RV, do NOT go through the trucker lane.  You will have to back up and take the crossover road to get back over to the non-commercial lanes. 

  • Passports please.
  • Where do you live?
  • Why are you going to Canada?
  • Why are you going to Alaska?
  • How long will you be in Canada?
  • Do you have any weapons?  Guns, tazers, pepper spray, bear spray?
  • Have a nice trip.

Tonight we camped in Winkler, MB, CA.  I haven’t seen Fonzie yet, but maybe tomorrow. 

Sarah didn’t get this joke.  Harry Winkler.. get it?  Get it!! I really jumped the shark with this one!

Aaaaaaaaaaaay, eh?

They have a little campground run by the Winkler Parks and Rec, which is pretty good for a stay over.  Water and power hookups and showers (somewhat questionable).  They also have a very nice pool and playground.  55F is a little chilly for us, but apparently not for some kids.  3-4 kids swimming, diving, laughing – 2 lifeguards bundled up at their post, most likely swearing.

Tomorrow we visit the Leisure Travel Van manufacturing plant for possible help getting our internet working and a tour!  Woo hoo!!!

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