Monday, May 27 – Winkler and some fields.

A full night’s sleep with no interruptions!  After a soggy day yesterday, we awoke to clear blue skies that would top out at 65F.  Sarah inaugurated the kitchen making breakfast while I monitored the dog and sipped on my tea.  We eventually got up the courage to take turns showering in the on-site facilities, which were only a little assaulting. Turns out, packing the rig to move is a bit of a process.. one we are fairly pokey about.

We had lunch at Charley B’s.  Outdoor dining with a heart attack in a sack.  So delish!   Monster burger with a side of poutine and a white chocolate pomegranate milkshake!

After putting that rock in our gut, we moved down the street to LTV for the tour.  We knew we wanted to do this, but had no idea what a positive amazing experience it would be. We shared the afternoon with one neat and fun person after another.. (hello people!!)   The plant employees 400 people in a town of 14,000, so pretty impressive.  We got to see all the departments and folks building different pieces of the coaches.  From the wiring department, to the cabinet makers, to the sewing room, to the one and only guy that reupholsters the captains chairs because they are so detail oriented!  Each piece is built and then delivered to the assembly floor where they have three lines – one for each model they build.  They finish about 20 vehicles a week (a few Unitys, a Serenity and Wonder), which is pretty amazing.  They have a slick operation.  It was pretty cool knowing that a lot of the people we saw had their hands on our RV, and realizing how much work and detail went into the whole process.

After we left, we jumped across the street to the service center to see if they could look at our Winegard WiFi booster.  Even with a full schedule and bay, they had a couple guys take a look and discovered that the dealer had wired the WiFi booster in line with a light switch.  Lights are off = no power to the WiFi.  Doh!  They quickly swapped a few connections and got us out.  Everyone was super friendly and we were more than appreciative.

By now it was 3pm and we were on our way.  Beautiful drive through the rest of Alberta and into Saskatchewan.  Pretty rural and lots of farmland.  Lots of very… flat… farmland. 

A bit of road construction. Good practice for Alaska!

We did see some wildlife along the way.  We also had lunch at Carlyle, SK and saw some birds and other local wildlife.

Saskatchewan in a nutshell.

As we drove off into the sunset (literally – driving West chasing the sun), we landed in Regina, SK at a Walmart.  Tonight we are triple checking our locked doors.

Tomorrow – Edmonton!!

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