Edmonton and the fires…

We are a bit behind on posting, but I want to just pop up a quick blip to update…

We arrived in Edmonton yesterday after an amazing day at Provincial Dinosaur Park and then Drumheller.

Seeing friends here in Edmonton has us all smiles and laughter and then today….

the fires and the smoke hit.

Just a glimpse of the insanity.

It has gone from an odd yellow haze this morning to full on opaque smoke obscuring the view to the house we are parked in front of and it smells like we are on top of a massive bonfire.

We are safe here, other than the horrid air conditions and not sure how horrid the clean up will be to get the smoke out of the rig once we move.

See the links below to get an idea of current conditions. We’ll update more tomorrow.


An article from the Edmonton Journal

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