Tuesday, May 28 – Not quite Edmonton

We got up early this morning and went in search of internet. After a number of trials and errors, we parked outside a Home Depot and borrowed their WiFi for work. (I paid them back by buying a screw driver a few days later at another location.)

From there, we made our way to Moose Jaw, SK and met Mac the Moose, the world’s second biggest (soon to be world’s biggest) moose!

Mac The Moose, Moose Jaw, SK

Mac was beat out by another moose in Norway. Their governer actually came to Moose Jaw for a “Moose Truce”, which is soon to be decimated by the replacement of Mac’s antlers to make him bigger. The antlers will be screwed in so larger antlers can be replaced if his record is ever challenged again.

We passed through Chaplin, SK and thought we saw a huge snow field, but it turned out to be salt. Chaplin actually has Canada’s second larges inland saline water body! We saw many more areas with salt around ponds and lakes as we kept on our way.

Salt, Chaplin, SK

And finally… Alberta!!


We stopped at Medicine Hat, AB for fuel and a break. We found the welcome center and got some good information and tips on the area. Before we left, we had to add to our “world’s largest” check list with the world’s largest teepee!

Tallest Teepee, Medicine Hat, AB
A Pronghorn on our way to Dinosaur Provincial Park

We took a suggestion and drove to the Dinosaur Provincial Park about 3 hours North of Medicine Hat. It was totally worth it! This area is part of the bad lands. They have discoverd over 150 complete dinosaur skeletons and at least 50 new species in this area!

Yes, I know it’s cheezy, but we made a vide of our drive through the 3k loop. (We did NOT drive that fast)

They have a nice camp ground and we would have loved to stay a while, but we had places to be and people to see.

We ended up in Drumheller, AB and made camp at another Walmart.

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