The Retractable Leash – Or – Life Lessons in Digital Nomad-ary.

I am Tethered. Tethered to my phone, to my wi-fi.. to the Winegard, and to my computers.  While we are admittedly ‘livin the dream’ and feeling like we are totally the luckiest; our adventuring has some limitations.  I am still on a full regular work schedule.. on Minnesota time.. with cutoffs and deadlines.. and employees.. and customers and a boss.   All of which need to be considered with day to day movement.  

Between technology and mobile data plans.. and some generous friends and businesses.. we have been able to be online MOST of the time.   The solar panels on the rig keep my machines powered and Jim’s patience gives me the time to get through the tasks at hand.   These tools give us SO much more room than a traditional nylon leash.   We have the Deluxe Retractable with extra long lead.

While I am sure that people could argue either way about the pros and cons for everyone involved… you can make those choices for yourself.  For me it comes down to this.

This morning my office looked like this. 

Wapiti Campground at Jasper National Park

This afternoon I spent some time working here.

I had time to go hiking to see this…

And now this evening I’m finishing up my responsibilities from here.

From next to a glacier at the intersection of Banff and Jasper in wonderful Alberta Canada. Columbia Ice Fields

Every panic about signal.. every begged borrowed and stolen wi-fi password… every moment of standing on one foot with a tinfoil hat is, to me, justified by these views… AND… the quality of life that Jim and I have been cramming in between.

It looks something like this.

channeling my inner Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes


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