June 6-7 – Fort Nelson, BC

Well, we woke up next to this guy! Puts our little rig to shame! THIS is how you do Alaska!

After we left, we had a long scenic drive from Grande Prairie, AB to Fort Nelson, BC. There is really not a lot… if anything, for 6+ hours. Well, there is a lot, just not civilization. Rolling hills, trees, some mountains in the distance… and the weather changes every 15 minutes or so. Rain, clouds, sun, clouds, rain… repeat.

We did find a beaver… not just any beaver… the world’s LARGEST beaver… at Beaverlodge, AB.

World’s largest beaver, Beaverlodge, AB

And then we stopped at Dawson Creek, AB. This is “Mile Zero” of the Alaskan Highway.

In 1942, they built a 1,000 mile road in some of the harshest terrain in just 8 months. Amazing what people can do in times of war. The US military built and used the road to get to Alaska in fear of the Japanese invading. Granted, it was a pioneer road (dirt and gravel), but still impressive. The road opened up to the public in 1948, and the great adventures began. We have talked to some of the locals that live along the highway and there are some neat stories as to how they got here and when they came. The best are from those that came in the late 40’s and early 50’s.

British Columbia

We did manage to see some wild life! Our first moose, and our first photographed bear!! We also saw a deer, but you know, it’s a deer. I put on the telephoto lens AFTER these shots, but nobody wanted to come out for me to test it on.

And finally, Fort Nelson!

Staying at the Tripple G Camp Ground for two nights with full hookups, shower and laundry. We also washed the RV! Layers of bugs and dirt have been transfered to the beautiful province of British Columbia. I’m sure it will work it’s way south eventually. But for the next 24 hours, we have a clean rig, inside and out!!

We also biked to a cash station with the first real road test of the dog in a bag. Success!!

And where did we spend said, Canadian cash? Ice cream, of course!

Oh and also bannock, jam, pickles, salsa and peperoni from a super nice couple at a roadside stand. All home made and deeee-lish!

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