June 8 – Watson Lake – Almost

We got up early and made our way to Watson Lake. This was a big push. 7-8 hour drive… with no cellular or internet access!


Or, a much needed break from screens. No wonder we had over 230 photos to sift through.

Almost immediately after leaving Fort Nelson, we hit road construction. We have been through worse, but we just washed the RV! Seriously?!?

The drive from there was full of curves, hills, swoops and swirls. The landscape changed between hills, mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers.

The Alaskan Highway is great for seeing animals. Just a sampling, but we saw black bear, big horned sheep and a moose. There was a marmot of some sort (verified as a beaver later) along the way as well.

Muncho Lake

Wood Buffalo graze along the side of the highway. They are an endangered species and this is one of the few places they can be found. We were lucky enough to pass through a herd. We also passed a few lone pairs along the way.

We stopped at a pull out about an hour away from Watson Lake. There were already a couple other RVs parked that were boondocking for the night. We asked if they minded if we shared their space, which of course they were fine with. Super nice people. One gentleman was from southern IL so we bonded a bit. Points for IL!! Of course, he also has family from MN. Points for MN. *grumble*

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