June 9 – 10 – Whitehorse, YT

Up early and on the road!

Black bear and silver fox along the road! Also enjoying breakfast.

Into the Yukon!

We ALMOST made it throught Canada without damage. It doesn’t warrant a windshield replacement, but we got our first chip from a rock kicked up by a passing truck. Clear duct tape for now, chip repair goop later.

First windshield chip. Grumble.

And we motored on.

To Whitehorse!

Such a cool town.

Always stop by the visitors center of the towns you pass through. You learn so much. This time we met Velma. Such a dear heart. We were talking about our travels and mentioned Winkler, MB. She asked if we had a Triple E van, and she got super excited! She and her husband bought one in ’96 and started traveling. We talked about traveling and age and experiences. She talked about how her and her husband had worked and saved to travel in their retirement, but that traveling to Australia at 70 is not the same as it would have been earlier in their lives. More confirmation that when you have the chance, see what you can. Honestly, it doesn’t matter how you do it. Weekend get-aways, summer family vacations, major journeys across the continent… or the globe… see the world. There is more out there than the city limits.

As for us, we found food. Such good food.

Klondike Rib and Salmon – Whitehorse, YT

  • Heavenly Halibut Chowder
  • Wild Smokey Balls with Sticky Sauce ( mix of elk, bison and wild boar with BBQ sauce)
  • Elk Carpaccio
  • Slamon Skewers
  • Halibut and Chips
  • Sourdough Bread Pudding
  • Pecan Pie

(You can’t eat EVERY meal in the RV)

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