June 12 – ALASKA!!

Another early rise in search of internet. We found some at Destruction Bay, YT – which is a great description of the town. I likened the attendent to Billy Bob Thornton from Sling Blade. We stayed to work anyway. Our next lay over was Beaver Creek for breakfast and fuel – most expensive fuel so far!

They also have a church.

We did not stay till Sunday to see if there were any God fearing hobbits in town.

30 kilometers later, we reach the border crossing. They asked if we had any alcohol from Canada and we said we had purchased one bottle of beer. The guard asked if it was good beer, and if so, they would have to confiscate it. We laughed, he asked about produce and sent us on our way.


Not our best pic, but proof!!

After 22 days from our initial departure (has it really been that long?!?) we made it to Alaska! It has been such an amazing journey so far. All the hickups, schedule shifts, side trips and detours… so awesome! And we are just getting started!!!

Anywho… we entered Alaska and the first sign of wildlife was a couple of dogs trotting down the highway! We stopped at the first gas station we found and asked if anyone had lost them. The attendent said that someone had already reported it and the owner was aware. Nobody seemed too concerned so we moved on.

Alaskan mile marker… paprt plate on a stick

Our first encounter with the Tanana River – a powerful river that flows through Alaska that we cross over many times on our trip. This is the view looking at the path of the old bridge, next to the new one.

After the scenic overlook, we made our way to Tok, the first real town after entering Alaska. We stopped by a tourst shop and an art gallery and got some art for the rig!

We did NOT stop at Mukluk Land… but considered it… slightly….

After eating lunch and working, Sarah asked me where we were going next. I said that I got us to Alaska, now it was her turn! Wrong answer….

We could either head North to Fairbanks, or South to Anchorage. I called Denali to see if they had any spots available, and we took the only two they had for the next week. North to Fairbanks it is!!

We found a really pretty spot by the Gerstle River crossing by Deltana, AK, so we stopped for dinner.

On our way to Fairbanks, we found a nice campground at Delta Junction, AK for the night. All went fine, except for some reason while we were trying to fall asleep, someone nearby decided to fire up their hellicopter, let it run for about 15-20 minutes, then shut it down. It sounded like it was in the camp spot next to us. Only in Alaska!

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