June 13 – Fairbanks

While we were getting ready, I realized that my clean clothes reserve was getting low. This was our solution to laundry in the short term.

Laundry day!

We had a visitor outside the rig this morning, which kept Iggy occupied. I love it when his tail wags! Luckily, he did not attempt to eat it through the screen door, otherwise we may have left 20 pounds lighter.

One of the cool things about The Alaska Milepost book is all the information and points of interest that it gives along the way. About 30 miles north of Delta Junction, we noticed that there was a pottery on the way, so we decided to stop in. We followed the directions, saw a wooden sign at the side of the road, took a sharp left onto a gravel road and crawled along for about 3/4 of a mile before we came to Tenderfoot Pottery. Oh what a treat! We drove into the driveway and found a home with an additionally building being used as the studio. We didn’t take many pictures, but the first thing that greeted us was her giant gas kiln!

As we walked to the door, we were greeted by Shellie, the artist. She unlocked the door and turned on the lights for us. She showed us her work studio and gallery. So many cool functional pieces! And her wheel… facing a huge window overlooking the forest valley and hillside. Now there is some inspiration for you!

We ended up talking with her for about an hour and had a lovely conversation. We admired her work, chatted some more and left with two mugs.

We had another awesome encounter with the Tanana River.

Just south of Fairbanks is North Pole, AK. Oddly enough, it smells like mint. We did not see Santa, but had a great conversation at the Visitor Information Center about salmon.

On to Fairbanks! As suggested by the gal at the North Pole VIsitor’s Center, we stopped by Hot Licks for ice cream, and we were not disappointed! To offset, we picked up some veggies at a road side crop share stand across the street, then to a camp ground down town. All was fine except for the suspected drug dealer camped next door with with different cars in and out all night and all day. Didn’t bother us, so hope his business plan was working!

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