June 14 – Chena Hot Springs Road

Today is laundry day – for real! No Fabreeze needed! We tried a couple different laundromats before settling on one that would work – and had working machines!

After we were done with laundry, we stopped at a 50’s style drive in (we walked in) and had some lunch. Great burgers and greasy fried mushrooms! Not health food, but tastey!

From there, we started our trip to Chena Hot Springs. We didn’t want to get there right away, so we stretched the 58 mile drive as much as we could.

We camped at a pull out around mile 34… ish right next to the Chena River. Aside from the mosquitos, it was beautiful! We even saw a group of kayakers paddling down stream. We wanted to spray them with sunscreen, but it would not have helped them anyway.

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