June 15 – Chena Hot Springs Resort

At the end of Chena Hot Springs Road, at mile 56.5, you arrive at Chena Hot Springs Resort and can go no further. They are a year round resort and offer both summer and winter activities. Unfortunately, we were not there to see the aurora borealis.

They do have a natural hot spring pool. So we took advantage and got clean! (We did shower before we got in the pool)

It was… hot.

After we boiled ourself in the valcano heated sulfur rich waters of Alaska, we showered again. I finished first and was going to meet Sarah back at the RV, but decided to turn around and explore a bit of the property. While I was walking next to the pool house to look at the trails behind, a moose walked out of the woods towards a pond that was next to me. I slowly backed up. She watched me, I watched her, and then she walked into the pond for a drink. I was awestruck. There were several other people that walked in and out of the pool house and along the path that stopped and watched. She stayed around for about 15 minutes until she had quenched her thirst and sauntered back into the woods.

Moose!! And a duck.
A YouTube video of my moose. There are more, but it is the same moose drinking the same water.
I was this close! (closer actually, before I moved)

Sarah unfortunately missed the moose, but I told her about it. There may be more. We’re not done yet!

Dinner at the lodge that evening, then off to bed.

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