June 16 – Road to Denali

Ah Saturday! Time to sleep in – at least until Iggy will let us. The crying starts (first the dog, then me because of the dog). Slept in a little (as long as the dog would let us), had some breakfast, then decided to go on a little walk along one of the trails.

Just a brisk stroll.

Oh! This trail looks nice! What is the Auroratorium?

The Auroratorium is a clearing to watch the aurora borealis! Not today, though – but still a nice view of the hills.

We walked back down to a fork in the road. One of the signs pointed towards a trail labled “Ridge Trail”. We decided to take that one!

It went up.

And up…

And up…

To the top of the “hill”.

Almost… we could only take so many “carrots” of “the top is right there – we can see it… no, not yet…”. So we claimed the top of the mountain a little lower than the actual peak, and headed back down.

After that, we cleaned up a little, packed up and headed back to Fairbanks. We stopped at Costco, did some work and then headed South towards Denali.

What is more dangerous: The bush plane or the road?

Nenana Ice Classic

Scenic overlook

We checked out a few pull outs for boondocking. The first was sketchy…

Would have been OK if not for the foreboding trail into the woods up ahead.

The next, a little better. It came complete with an Alaskan hotel!

Now we know what the locals do for fun during the winter months.

But there was a rainbow pointing to it, so we decided to stay.

Dinner and a view, and off to bed for an uneventful night.

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