Holy Buckets!! It’s July Tomorrow!!!

Apparently there is no rest for the nomads. Today is already our last day at the Russian River Campground near Cooper Landing and we still haven’t even gotten to the part about all the Minnesotans in Whittier yet!


I’m going to just post some key things and we’ll do a more detailed break down… soooonn… ish… maybe.

  • For over a month now we have been living in about 60 square feet.. and we not only like each other.. we are STILL having fun together! This way of life has been hugely rewarding, crazy busy and more than a little bit weird. We love it.. which means we’ll have to keep the van.
  • Alaska has this way of showing you what you think is her whole repetoire.. and then you turn a corner and she wows you with something amazing and totally different… over and over and over again.
  • Jim learned to fish and he LIKED IT!!!
  • We have been in the 2nd phase of our travels that involved incredibly heavy smoke from forest fires. I did NOT plan for crazy amounts of forest fire smoke. Stop burning the Forests.
  • Iggy is spoiled rotten and will hunger strike if you don’t give him fancy toppings on his kibble.
  • There is room for improvement with our water conservation in the rig.. also.. we could have used a practice round for packing. We’ll be better at this next year.
  • For being pretty introverted, you would NOT believe the number of people we have talked to. Hi people!!
  • We keep doing this thing where we climb mountains… it appears to be by accident. I’m the slowest mountain climber ever.
  • We are off to Homer next for a whole new set of “wows”, “oohs”, and Holy BuCKETS!” from this crazy amazing place.

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