June 22 – Anchorage – Bird Creek Access

Off to Anchorage!

Today is “take care of all the reality business” day!

When we got into Anchorage, our first stop was to pick up my glasses. Remember when I broke them about a month ago? And then when I shipped them back to Illinois to get them replaced? Well the eye doctor got the new frames, popped in my lenses and shipped them to Anchorage via general delivery. It took me talking to two post offices, but I handed them my ID and they handed me my package! This is dangerous because it now means that we know how to get mail anywhere we go… which means we may not need to go home… yet… soon… maybe at some point… did you see that moose earlier? And that mountain?

Anyway – our next stop was Walgreens to pick up some prescriptions. After a fiasco with the doctor’s handwriting and the pharmacist’s interpretation of it, they agreed to fill it. While we waited, we went to a farmers market to get some fresh produce.

While we are waiting for Walgreens to do their job, let’s talk about populations. Alaska is the largest state in the US – more than 2 times the size of Texas (sorry, Texas). The estimated population of Alaska is 736,341. First off, compare that to the population of Chicago – 2.7 million (over 5,000 people per square mile)! Now, take into account that the population of Anchorage is 294,356 – almost half the population of the state!

That is a lot of land with not a lot of people!

After we picked up my prescription, we went to downtown Anchorage to enjoy their version of celebrating the solstice! Lots of food, vendors and music!

From there we decided to head south………

The views from the scenic Seward Highway along the coast south of Anchorage… just when you think Alaska has shown your what she can do, she doubles down.
Every day…
Every turn…

We then stopped at a state recreational area called Bird Creek Access. Basically a parking lot with access to a fishing and tent camping area. But a parkinglot with a view! Far enough from the road, but close enough for safety and vistas.

Here is our front yard for the night.

le sigh

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