June 26 – Whittier Day 2

3:30am is so early.

But things happen at 3:30am.

Things like this.

In the middle of the night, a Princess cruise ship had docked and dwarfed the town! We were wondering where all those people would fit in such a tiny town! We later found out that some stayed to explore the town, while most got on a sight seeing train for the day. We decided to take a little walk.

It started out as a super windy day and we decided to walk to the base of the trail to test it out. Once we got to the trailhead, the wind was blocked and the weather was quite pleasant, if not hot! The trail was just a little hike to Portage Lake – about 2 miles. Not bad. Unless you take into accout that it is a shale rock trail that goes up… and I mean UP! Good thing we brought the back pack for the dog!

Finally, we made it to the top!

Then we realized that this was only the halfway point and we had only hiked a mile. We decided that the top was good enough, and we had already seen the lake from the other side. No… we wern’t tired… or in pain… or dreading an additional mile there and back… Nope. Not us!

Cue “Lion King” music… now.

So back home we went. We got back down in one piece – mostly – and made it back to the RV for work and lunch.

That evening we rode our bikes back to town to decide if we wanted dinner but figured we would just snap some pictures and head back for snacks and bed. We were beat!

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