June 29 – Russian River Day 2 (a.k.a. Fishing and the Art of RV Maintenance)

The next morning John arrived at his usual 4:30am and we walked to his fishing spot. The morning air was brisk and somewhat clear to breath, but there was still smoke haze in the distance.

When we got to the river there were already some poeple fishing, but still space for us to fit in. John went back through the overview, handed me the rod with the mantra, “Go catch a fish”. Made me smile every time!

This time I caught a fish!! I hooked several others during the morning, but this one I actually landed!

Hold it out in front of you so it looks bigger!

John caught 2 more and we called it for the morning. Back to the cleaning tables! John went through the motions, then handed me the knife.

I will spare you the details of me mutilating the fish, but I got the basic hang of it, and there was still enough meat left over to take home!

We were not able to get more than two consecutive nights at a single camp site, so we had to packup and move to a different location in the campground. The new area was much more filled in with lots of families and dogs. Our neighbors had two large dogs that they kept off leash, which ended up being a small issue. As soon as we got parked and somewhat settled, one of their dogs decided to roam a little and ran right through our site. Luckilly we did not have Iggy out or there may have been an altercation.

After we got situated in the new spot, we took a 2.5 mile hike out to the Russian River Falls to try to see the salmon jumping upriver. We saw a few, but since it was late in the season, there were not many. It was still relaxing to watch. Other than the heat, flies and 2.5 mile walk back, it was a neat hike! We also saw a ptarmigan with some chicks!

When we got back to the RV, we were hot, sweaty and exhausted. What better way to top it off than finding water on the floor! Traced it to a connection with a loose seal under the sink. Luckily it wasn’t a broken pipe and I happened to have packed some ptfe pipe thread tape. I wrapped the connection a couple times but it still leaked, so I wrapped it a lot more and it was fine! I was not expecting to use that one, but glad I brought it!

After we cleaned up and took a quick nap, we got some food together and fed everyone. Partially as a thank you for all the food they had shared the past two nights, and partially to make room in our freezer for the fish!

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