June 30 – Russian River – Day 3

Well last night could have gone better – but could have been worse. The neighbors were loud and kept us up. They were not up late, but we try to get to bed by 8pm at the latest due to running on a different time zone. 3:30am came early for us, but we managed. John stopped by and he and Jim went off for their 3rd day in the river. This time Jim landed 2 salmon! Good thing we made room in the freezer!

While Jim and John were on the water, Sarah got on her bike to visit her godmother and check in. When she came back, the unleashed dogs ran towards her barking aggressively . It startled her so much that she jumped off her bike and used it as a barrier between her and the dogs. The story is that she was fairly polite and calm as she suggested that they leash the dogs before there was an incident, but that might have been the “edited” version of the story. The world will never know. It’s horrid to feel like prisoners in our own RV because they did not want to be responsible pet owners. It is a camp rule that all dogs must be leashed and hot damn Control your animals. We don’t care how great they are, but Iggy has some aggression towards other dogs. If your “great, friendly and loves other dogs” pooch is off leash and comes running up to us and him, things will not turn out well for anyone involved. The next time we went by, the dogs were leashed in a truck bed, but still barked and snarled at us as we walked past.

It’s easy to see how people want their pets to have as good of a time as they are, but please don’t let it be to the detriment of others around you. We are not entirely happy about the number of conversations had because our neighbors have agressive dogs.

Oddly enough, it may have been worse if we had stayed where we had been originally. There was a wedding in the park yesterday and most of the attendees were in that area. The attendant at the front gate said that she had to go over 3 times due to noise complaints and threatened to send the state trooper in if she got another call.

Either way, last night was our last paid night in the campground, so we had some decisions to make. We were going to get in the lottery to see if there were any cancellations in the campground, but some space opened up at John and Connie’s spot so we were able to park with them for one last night at Russian River.

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