Seward! July 25-???

Much of the camping in Seward are municiple campgrounds near or at the water downtown, so we did what everyone else does when they roll in and just cruise through until we found a spot that suits. Pay the machine and you’re home…

Until tomorrow… when you keep an eye out for someone leaving the front row.. so you can upgrade!

We did just that and have hardly moved since. The view is spectacular and ever changing, even when the rain is pouring down on us.

Also… Sea Otters. I love Sea Otters… they are one of my favorite things.. I get a bit “Squeeee!!!” when I see them..

Funny story. Jim and I are teasing each other while having a snack after a day at the Alaska SeaLife Center here in Seward. He looks over my shoulder and says, “Oh! There is an otter out in back! ” Me: Whips around to look… even though we are nowhere near the shore at that time. Cue Jim laughing at my excitement.

My hope is boundless people. Boundless.

Here are pictures of otters.

I would like you to know that these are only a small portion of pictures of otters that we have taken.

We need a bigger lens for a better camera to take pictures of otters.

and better binoculars to look at the otters.

and… maybe a sedative to keep me from losing it over otters.. over and over and over again.


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