Adapt! Adjust! Reschedule!

After months of watching and waiting to see how this pandemic would unfold for our world and for travelers; we have finally come to some conclusions about plans for summer. We won’t say that we LOVE love them.. but we are looking forward.

While travel is opening for people, it does not appear that it’s in anyone’s best interest for us to be out and about causing more opportunities for this virus to stick around and spread a little more. We’d like to be conscientious both of our own health and the health and safety of others by remaining isolated. We’re making the gut wrenching choice to stay home for the summer months.

To be at home means a month between visits to stores and fairly easy routine for keeping socially distant and isolated. We won’t have the same kind of capabilities while on the road, as we often are stopping for fuel, propane, water, dumping services, etc. We are quite frankly, much more sociable and exposed creatures while out and about with the rig.

But who wants to leave their new toy in storage for a year?!!? Not us. Not a chance. So what to do?

We decided to find a place where we could use the motor-home like a cabin… and we found a seasonal campground site in a picturesque location that’s a short drive to travel and located between our Minnesota and Illinois digs.

The resort is seasonal rentals only, with mindful owners keeping a reasonable set of rules in place for the summer to protect the renters. Guests are limited for the time being and we’ll not be exposed to campers who are coming and going on an overnight capacity.

We were impressed with the approach they are taking to satisfy residents that are divided between wanting no restrictions and those who want them all. We’ll be able to regulate our actions to find a middle ground that we are comfortable with.

We are looking forward to enjoying a little vacation brain while canoeing the river, doing some biking and just being out of the city. And who knows.. maybe we’ll be able to take to the roads again in the fall.

Be safe out there.. be mindful of your fellow travelers.. and we’ll see you on the road.

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