… Wyalusing and the Songbirds! …

There are times when researching the heck out of something is a good thing; like for purchasing an RV, or booking a trip to Cuba. There are things you should really know before heading into it.

And then there are times you go in blind and call it “Adventure!!”

Guess which path we are on. Oh yeah.. blind camping!

We arrived at Wyalusing State Park with very little idea of what to expect other than a few hikes to the Mississippi River and a lovely stay for 4 nights. What we found was this amazing lush river valley filled with songbirds. The views on the hikes covering 500ft elevation drops from the bluffs down into the valley were lovely and serene, but it was the birds that really stole the show here. At the river we watched birds playing on the air currents, swooping low to scoop bugs off of the surface of the river.. and lots of “springtime” flirtation chases.

Everywhere you went was like a symphony made up of birds. They started off with one bird that sounded like a cat calling out.. until more joined in .. it escalates to a massive crescendo of sounds, and then fades out to one random bird getting the last word in.

Listen to our campsite here!

As if that were not enough, they also had a new bathroom shower house with INDIVIDUAL SHOWER ROOMS!

*faints dead on the floor*

If you head north from the campground a bit you come to Prairie du Chen, a little town that is REALLY long. To head south takes you to tiny Wyalusing and this amazing little public park with a beach. This whole stretch of river is Part of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge, making it a totally serene and lovely place to enjoy the river for Kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.

We are always keeping our eyes open for non-traditional camping spots and have utilized a number of different groups and sites to learn of places to park. Harvest Hosts has provided us with a few memorable stays over the last few years and did not disappoint this week.

The Kickapoo river valley is a fun and beautiful drive leading us through apple country here in Wisconsin. We spent one night this week in the parking lot of an Orchard store that is not yet open for the season. (OH the beees!)

Drive 40 minutes further to Westby, WI (cutest Scandinavian town I have seen in AGES), visit a charming Laundromat to clear out some stinky business (yay Jem’s!), and settle in for a night in the back lawn of Nordic Creamery overlooking this fine tapestry of a field! Squeaky cheese curds, and butter, and meat sticks.. OH MY!!!

I’m sure that we have said this before, but it’s worth saying again. In these ever changing locations we always FEEL like we are home. I think it has to do with the consistent interior and way of life inside of the motorhome, despite the ever changing views outside.

There was a long line at the dump on the way out of Wyalusing, and one gentleman struck up a chat with us about something relating to black tanks… and it came out that we live in the van for 4 months at a time.

I LOVE the brilliant look of shock on his face as he said.. “IN THAT@?!”

He will never understand how rewarding and satisfying this way of life is. But.. then again.. .he’s also traveling in a Scamp. (great for weekends, maybe not for months)

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