… Savannaahhhhh Portage.

While making plans for where to stay we are often searching coverage maps for mobile connectivity. Often, if you are near a community, a town, or city there is a good chance you’ll have a few bars.

So let’s talk about McGregor, Minnesota.

According to all bits of information the Savannah Portage State park is in McGregor. Yet, as we were making our way there… we never saw McGregor, or any other communities for that matter. We also never saw any bars of service for internet or phone.

We did see a few signs that said “Call *911 in case of Emergency”

As it turns out, Savannah Portage is NOWHERE NEAR McGregor, Minnesota. We finally found McGregor over 20 miles down the road on our way to our next stop. I was starting to think it had just poofed out of existence.

Despite it’s lack of proximity to civilization, Savannah Portage is an incredibly lovely little spot, where we spent much time outside, and very little time being productive in a working kind of a way.

Also.. there were rumors of Otters.

I feel like in some ways Savannah Portage set itself up for disappointment where none was warranted. The facilities were nice, our campsite was generous and beautiful, and there was a collection of spaces for fishing off of the dock, boating, kayaking, canoeing.

All of this offset by my disappointment in not seeing a single otter. harrumph.

We would totally go back here.

… but.. as it goes.. we were onward forward to the next!!

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