… last few weeks …

I’m never good about updates when we are on the move.. or at home apparently.

Imagine that this is a few weeks ago and not today… *insert flashback indicator wavy lines here*

We had reached out to Tumbled Rock Brewery and Kitchen in Devils Lake, Wisconsin to see if we could park in their lot through harvest hosts. It turns out there is a full parking lot of extra space for campers across from their location with a lovely lawn view.

The menu for this place was enticing in just too many ways, so while I worked Jim went over and placed a to go order for us and tried a few beers. https://tumbledrock.com/

We ordered many things and were overall very pleased with our choices including the beer we got in big 32oz cans that they pack as you order. We LOVE beer. We rarely drink beer. These Crowlers have been a total treat each time we split one.

We were pulled from our private reverie a few times with other Harvest Host guests coming to park, but one rig that made us stop to look up what we were seeing.

SpaceCraft MFG makes big trailers on semi beds that are pulled by semi trucks. It was big. It was shiny. It was BLUE.

Good thing we don’t want one.. I’m pretty sure we can’t afford one.

The next day I stubbed my toe, saw a spurt of blood, and swore like a lifelong sailor… so we had to move. Apologies to that lovely family and their wonderful children.

We made just a short trip down to New Glarus State Park. Some might know New Glarus for it’s Swiss heritage or for their acclaimed Spotted Cow beer from the New Glarus Brewery. The Park, as you can imagine was every spot full for Memorial Day weekend; however, we had a lovely spot with a great view of a mini bluff and really enjoyed seeing all of the groups celebrating in what turned out to be absolutely ideal weather. The campground is not very big but it was well appointed and has a nice little hike where you can see their Bison.

And THAT.. was the last stop on our first segment of the not so epic but really lovely Mini-Series of our summer travels.

We went home, washed all the laundry, enjoyed some high speed internet, and baked a gluten free Detroit style pizza.

Currently we are back on the Road in Minnesota and we’ll tell you more about that TOMORROW.. or next month.. or whenever I remember I am blogging.

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