I feel like if we had a word cloud of the content of our conversations with our loved ones it would look like the above. Even when we are at home we might be in Illinois or in Minnesota. Add a 4-5 month road trip to the mix and you are guaranteed to start every conversation with “Where are you?” Add in a sprinkle of whereabouts, answer a few questions about road life, and that is the full range of 75% of our conversations.

We love this life of moseying from one spot to the next… but we miss our people. When someone calls to ask when we can come to visit.. we make a time and fit it in. Everyone likes to be invited. I’ll repeat. WE LIKE TO BE INVITED.

We had one of these calls recently and had a few extra days of open time to make a sideline trip. It was kind of a relief. 2 weeks at home to reset between Phase 1 and 2 was TOO long.

The drive to Minnesota was fairly uneventful. We stayed at lovely Lake Wissota State Park just outside of Chippewa Falls, WI on the drive north. Not enough internet.. plenty of lovely privacy and trees and a LAKE!! There was this really great beach swim area where no one was because last week was HOT. It even stayed hot through rain storms.

We spent a few nights at Minneopa State Park in Mankato, MN to see the bison and the waterfalls. The campground is a bit rustic, but we enjoyed ourselves regardless. It was odd to be driving around old nostalgic spaces in a very not nostalgic RV.

Our visits with dear loved ones were recharging and re-centering and then we were back off down the road.

Or so we thought.

One of the primary reasons that we can participate in this crazy mayhem variety of life is my job. I’m grateful to have a boss that doesn’t ask too many questions, doesn’t follow this blog, and only gets annoyed if I don’t keep my responsibilities covered.

The hardest part of being remote is always going to be internet and power. Power you can fix in a heartbeat by starting the rig or the generator, but internet is either keeping you connected or making you scream. One way I stay efficient even while traveling, is using remote work stations back home.

This week we left Minnesota, spent a gorgeous night in Willow River State Park just across the border from Minnesota in Hudson, Wisconsin, and then tragedy struck with computer setup and we had to backtrack to Minnesota.

This backtrack, while only 40 miles in distance, cost us a lovely hike to see waterfalls in a park I wanted to explore, as well as an entire day of our reservations in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It had us driving into the darkness, and then sleeping fitfully at a rest area where we were illegally parked in order not to take spaces from overtired long haul truckers.

Sometimes things just go to sh*t and you have no choice but to figure it out. I’m not going to lie to you. I grumbled and pouted a bit (being on the phone with tech support for hours will do that), but then we just work it out because it’s just part of how things go on the road.

We finally scooted into the Big Foot Beach State Park in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. This town is a hit with the tourists.. but we really enjoyed prefect weather and some biking. I was not sweating.. it was LOVELY.

While walking downtown after missing the mail boat tour, we passed this coffee shop. It had a sign outside that said it was coffee with a cause.

I like coffee.

I like causes.

They had my full attention.

Inspired Coffee, Lake Geneva, WI – https://www.inspiredcoffee.org/

I wanted a cold brew coffee.. but they had my all time favorite… nitro cold brew. Cold, creamy, full flavor coffee… so dreamy. The shop is modern, airy, clean and bright.. and every person there greeted me warmly and they made me want to see this place in every cute town we visit.

I’m going to keep shouting them out.. they changed my life a little. I wish we had enough followers to help make an impact. THESE are the people and the opportunities and experiences you want to see. They are like hope.

We rode bike back to the campsite, made a box lunch and packed up to head to our next stop down the road about an hour or so.

We’ll be here for the next 9 days.. so you can see that later.

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