.. Two Harbors ..

Here is a moment I need to say that we are WAY behind in updating this blog again… THIS is why we are not professional bloggers. It’s just never going to get on track and I’m becoming okay with this reality.

There are times when I go “Squeeee!!!” and point and Jim goes.. “meh.” Most of these occurrences happen when I spot a self service truck wash with 11 foot or more clearance.

Big Dog Car Pet Wash, you were a delight and a pleasure even though I may have washed myself more than the rig. Our little LTV is SO much cuter when she is clean. (just don’t look at the roof… )

We were camped at the Municipal campground with some hookups and a view of Lake Superior before watching a storm roll in with our noses plastered to the window. When the tree branch hit right in our faces we both jumped like a sky rocket and now henceforth we shall watch the storms from slightly further back…

Bike rides to breweries (hello Castle Danger! We’re rooting for Growler sales!! https://www.castledangerbrewery.com/) revealed that the storm had taken out many trees throughout the community and we were pretty lucky to have gotten by with just a startle and not a limb through our roof.

On the way to the campground from the truck wash we spotted another LTV at a stop and moseyed over to wave and say hello. Rig camaraderie is such a weird thing. We met the loveliest couple enjoying their new-to-them motorhome and shared lunch together under their awning. Sharing a mutual love of the RV experience with people who are as excited as us to be out there is just incredibly fun. And .. it turns out they were parked down the way from us as the same campground, so we got to exchange more stories the next night as well. Total Win for us.. we hope to see them out on the road again!

We were so grateful for some biking riding and relaxing days here.. but onward forward to…. MCGREGOR!!

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