Long range planning…

While to the outside world it may appear that we have spur of the moment -willy nilly bought an RV, quit a 16 year career, and are hitting the road… I would like to state the reality… that is only MOSTLY true.

Years ago we made a trip to Canada to look at RVs and talk about ‘quality of life.’ We talked about the big picture of our hopes and dreams, and what that might look like for the two of us. We talked about traveling the country in a smallish RV, and we worried about if we could spend months at a time. .. in a tiny space.. together… alone.

.. and then, as fate would have it, Jim broke his hip on that very vacation, and we got to find out.

Our 2 months of full time close quarter togetherness gave us some hope that we could go the distance both in marriage .. and in road miles and so we dreamed and planned and shopped for RVs. Some of you have heard us day dreaming ad nauseum. We’ve been talking about it for YEARS.

But all of the glorious reasons to wait!! There are jobs.. and family.. and dogs.. and yet another house sale and move. (the last one to downsize to be ready for when we have an RV.. no seriously… we did that.. ) There is always worry about money and retirement and work load.. and laundry…

One year became 2..which then became 3.. and here we were.. waiting for someday. Waiting for the opportunity.. the right circumstances.. for the PERFECT time.

We have now concluded there IS NO PERFECT TIME.

This could be the worst idea we have ever put into play. We might hate it. We might be terrible at it and regret it immediately.. we might be home in a month with an RV for sale…

but we will have tried it… and even that… makes me feel like we are adventurers already..

Still Totally Nuts…

but now Totally Nuts in a Van…


One thought on “Long range planning…

  1. Mary Jo

    Hope your journey is going well. Sounds like it has been years in the planning and I think that is a good approach. It is a big decision! Incredible scenery. Hope you didn’t pack your winter clothes too far away. Not sure what the temps will be in Alaska, but I’m assuming the farther north you go, the colder it will be. Have fun! Thanks for sharing and the tour of your new home. In the mean time, I will keep dreaming about this kind of adventure from my condo in SLP. 🙂

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