Final countdown…

We have arrived in Minnesota to finalize the last of the errands and worry about all the details that we may have forgotten… there are more than a few I’m sure.

Tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd, we will make the drive to Ramsey, MN to pick up the motorhome in the afternoon, stop on the way home to have the bike rack put on for us, and then start the big project of moving in.

We’ll be here all day on Friday if you’d like to stop by to say hello!

Jim and I are taking turns on who gets to be a nervous wreck. Here is Iggy’s approach. This is snoozing between about 7am and 11:45am. Notice he made great progress there at the end… also notice.. I have always said I won’t have the dogs on my furniture. … sigh… That use to be MY chair.

This is a dog who has not a single clue of what lies ahead.

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