… Mill Bluff and the Adaptable days …


Mill Bluff State park is the smallest of the campgrounds we have visited to date. Sitting literally between a Rock and the interstate it’s a little oasis in the midst of much farmland. We pulled in a bit confused.. drove a little loop and found our camping spot. I’m not being rude or sarcastic here.. it was quaint.

Despite the good weather, we could see that a storm was rolling in later on that evening. A bit of investigation showed that we might have Severe Thunderstorms and Hail. Life in a motorhome has some HUGE advantages to it.. and.. some massive shortcomings when it comes to bad weather. Quick review showed us where we could find a cement block building to hide in (toilets… always vault toilets… ew) and so we prep the rig as best we can by closing ceiling vents and locking everything down in case we need to run… ie drive to safety. Then you sit tight and hit refresh on the Accuweather app repeatedly.

This is what we were watching.. We are the blue dot.


This worked out brilliantly for us… we got a great light show and no severe weather and slept soundly overnight.

The downside of being a little park, is that despite it’s swimming hole and accessible location, there was no potable water available to speak of… and we were nearly out.

The glory of this park is that it is part of the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve. Mesas and Buttes abound in this part of the area and it’s quite lovely. Over 200 stairs lead you to the top where you can walk the length and see the lay of the land.

We hiked the loop around the base of the bluff as well and really enjoyed the lush beauty and easy hike. It all went so smoothly we determined to go explore the Rocky Arbor State Park down the road to see if we could fill up our water supply there.

For sake of my looking back later, I’ll start a new post about it!

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