.. quick update…

We are NOT dead on the side of the road somehwhere in Canada. We have not decided to go off the grid and hide for life in the wilds of BC…

We… are in the lower 48.

We have a post from the beginning of Sept about our time in Jasper and Banff sitting in draft form waiting for pictures… (they will be great… ) and there it has sat since it was written.

I could say that we are busy, but the reality is… we have just been living and traveling and not online all that much. Currently I’m typing this as we zoom down the highway in Utah heading towards Zion National Park. The speed limit here is 80…. turns out our speed limit is much lower.

Somehow the tone of the journey changed drastically once it was time to leave our beloved Alaska. Neither of us would say that it is better or worse, but it is decidedly different. These last weeks are feeling more like “traveling” than like “living”. Is it possible we are on vacation from our holiday?

Keep watch for the shift in postings from the Journey to Alaska, to something more like “SEE ALL THE PARKS!!!”

Bear with us as we remember that this whole experience is a marathon and not a sprint and we’ll post soon. 🙂

S & J

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