… the changing landscape

This is the space where I want to include some insightful, thought-provoking quotation. Perhaps something leaning towards the positive, while acknowledging the challenging times that we are currently experiencing.

I cannot think of a single blip to put there that can summarize what I am thinking about our Nuts Travel adventures; let alone our world circumstances. Things feel huge on a galactic kind of a scale lately.

Our negligence of finishing our trip blog posts is embarrassing.. we just never picked it up again when we got back to the US. .. and certainly not after we arrived home. We have spoken many times about October and our last 2 weeks heading back to the Midwest. Maybe it can be summed up with just the moment we stepped into our foyer. Set a bag down.. unleash the hound… look around and say… “huh.” Like walking into a place where you USE to live.

Of course there is always a load of reality at hand when you return from any trip. Over four months on the road left us with a decidedly altered frame of mind that we affectionately refer to as “vacation brain” where everything is possible and you never need to go home. Until… you get home and realize all the things that were piling up and waiting for you. sigh

So.. the bigger question… “What is next?”

The little Wonder that could is in indoor storage in Minnesota where it’s first-come/first-park, and first-in/last-out… so we wait for all the rest of the happy campers to vacate first. We thought we’d do a series of shorter trips this summer to meet the needs of work, family and fun in what we hoped would be a healthy balance.

And then there is COVID-19, creating a whole new frontier of unknowns and uncertainty. Each day on the news we read or hear about national, state and county parks closing their gates. The US/Canadian border has closed this past weekend for non-essential travelers. Even if we can get our little rig, will there be somewhere to take her?

I was so desperate for our adventure to continue this past fall, that we took a mini-trip to northern Minnesota just in time for some snowfall before we finally resigned that it was time to go home. I have been just as anxious to get going again since then.. and now more anxious knowing how uncertain the next few months will be. If it is possible to pine for your rig… I am pining for our rig, and all of the things that she represents to us.

We have been very mindful about staying at home over the past few weeks, even more so now with the new Stay-At-Home/Shelter-in-Place government mandate through April 7th. We are feeling very fortunate to have the flexibility to sustain near normalcy through these turbulent times as we see how many people’s day to day life has been drastically impacted. I think it’s fair to say that this is NOT what we expected 2020 to look like.

So for now I can just say this; take care out there.. of yourselves, and each other. We are awaiting the day when we are waving at each other with the sun on our faces and the road at our feet.

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