Friday, May 24 – Repairs and packing

6:45am – I drive the GMC to the dealer to have the condenser replaced.  While I’m waiting, I go online to find a 1 hour glasses shop – none of which open until 9am or 10am.  Then we find out that the safe we ordered wouldn’t actually show up until Saturday – or even next Wednesday. (Add it to the list!!)   After several phone calls and chat conversations, the order is cancelled and returned to sender.  I find a Pearle Vision that has my Rx and set up an appointment, call the RV dealer and let hem know we are coming, then wait for Sarah to finish work and pick me up.

10:30am – Sarah picks me up in the RV and we head North.  We get to Pearle, pick out a frame, put in the order and go to the RV dealer.  They are very apologetic.  Luckily (or not?), the repair manager is looking through the rig and another door falls off in his hands.  Proof in point.  They take care of the repairs, then we head back to pick up my glasses, which are ready and waiting!  Next, we head back to GMC to pickup the car, which is also ready and waiting!!   Sarah drives home to get back to work and I go to buy a different safe.  From there I head to the post office to mail off my broken frames to my eye doctor in IL for warranty replacement.  They agreed to mail the new ones to Alaska when they come in. 

We are relieved and astonished that everything came together! Sarah is not one for miracles, but that might be the one.

5:00pm – I get back to the condo and we are now both exhausted, but need to finish loading so we can somehow leave at 5am tomorrow after losing 7 hours of our day that should have been spent packing.  At some point we ate.

9:00pm – Sarah and I look at each other, look at what is left, and call it a day.  Another lesson in “go with the flow” and dealing with a fluid schedule.    

For years Sarah has been chanting.. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!! 

New mantra…

Adapt, Adjust, Reschedule!!

2 thoughts on “Friday, May 24 – Repairs and packing

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